Trapster 3.5 for the iPhone

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trapster’s 3.5 version for the iPhone has just been released! We are very excited about the latest version, and want to run through some of the new features. First thing you will notice is the blue icons on the right side of the trapmap. These buttons give you the ability to run some of Trapster’s most popular features without losing site of the trapmap.


Trapster now has the ability to switch from a standard static map to a dynamically rotating based on your direction of travel, sync up to your vehicle’s bluetooth, play songs from your iPod, use our “My Trips”, and view real time Google crowdsourced traffic.

Dynamically Rotating Map

The map can now rotate dynamically to face your direction of travel. We use vectors calculated from the direction of travel, like a car navigation system, instead of simply using the compass (which also means it works on the $99 iPhone). The option for map facing North is still available but to change the map to rotate dynamically to your direction of travel, select the top blue “N (with an up arrow)” icon on the right side of the screen.


Audio Options & Bluetooth

Easily sync your iPhone with your vehicle’s bluetooth system by tapping the “Bluetooth Icon” and pairing it with your car. This will play all of Trapster’s audio through your speakers, making the audio alerts loud and clear.

Some additional audio options for various in-car configurations include being able to push audio out the iPhone speaker when a 30 pin audio adapter is being used for charging (iPod in off mode), the ability for Trapster to automatically pause your iPod when an alert plays, and using an A2DP Stereo Bluetooth support for new (ex: Ford Sync) in car audio systems.

Bluetooth - Trapster

In App iPod Control

Now you have the ability to listen to your iPod’s music library while running Trapster! Simply tap the “Music Note” button and add your favorite songs. And don’t worry about missing the audio alert for upcoming traps, you can have your songs automatically pause for audio alerts, or have the audio alerts play over your music. This way you will still be warned about that red light camera ahead while jamming out to some tunes.

ipod - trapster

My Trips at Your Fingertips

It’s now even easier to create, start/stop, and access My Trips with our nifty little slide out control panel. Just select the blue road travel looking icon on the right and start recording! Don’t forget to add pictures and trip points along the way to share with family and friends.


Google Real Time Traffic

Google crowdsourced traffic is now available by tapping the blue traffic icon in the bottom right corner. With Google’s real time crowdsourced traffic data you still get real time freeway traffic but now it even includes side street traffic, back street traffic, and all the streets in between!

Traffic - trapster

Large Trap Buttons

The buttons are now even bigger for easier reporting of live traps while driving. Just in case there is some confusion about what trap to use, we added more detailed information about each trap type.

Trap Types - Trapster

Language Options & Fun Sound Themes

You now have the ability to hear Trapster’s voice alerts in different themes, such as a New York Cab Driver or Southern Bell. You can also change the default language from English to Spanish, German, or French. Simply tap the options button in the top right, select “Setup” then select “Sound Themes” button. You can even preview the audio samples of our fun new sound themes before you select one. If you have suggestions for a fun new sound theme, contact us on our facebook or twitter pages.


Feedback & Comments

We hope you enjoy all the new features in Trapster 3.5 for the iPhone, so dont hesitate to contact us with questions, feedback, or comments. You can visit our facebook fan page, follow us on twitter, or even leave us a note on our blog. Either way, we want to know what you think of the new release.

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  • thom

    Wow, so many great features… yet Trapster won't even start (Force closes) on Android 1.6. Where's the open source love?

  • Eric _ Australia

    You guys are amazing…. you have addressed all the things i wanted, and more. Great job :)

  • tghosh

    Holy cow!! this update looks huge! I'm updating now and want to jump in the car for a drive just to test it out

    I love Trapster and make sure every iPhone owner I come across downloads it. Great JOB!

  • Jaime

    I have a Spracth Aurora BT speakerphone thing, It would be great to get audio through it, it does not work (no audio devices available it says) with this new release.

  • sconstantine

    Epic release. Mad props kids

  • Anonymous

    sorry but I have I phone 3GS and dosent work


    i have a iphone 3g s and it works perfect an very simple to use

  • Ted

    why don't the celebrity themes show up any more?

  • facebook-100000365637425

    Good app

  • bho1383

    How can friends track my trips on the computer?

    • Stefanie

      Just send your friend the trip URL link found on My Trips page. Click Options | My Trips | Select the trip you want to share | Tap “Share My Trip (mail trip URL).

  • adasport

    Hello I am very impressed with this site, thanks for sharing.
    I write you soon …

  • Fre

    Very nice, out of all the apps for iphone this one should be in the top. Thanks for the find.

  • Ex Back

    this is well and good site i think most useful tips!

  • Srmarg

    I have just deleted Trapster as it drained the battery on my iphone , even when not in use. Charging the phone battery all the time when driving made no difference. This may be an iphone problem , but I need to have the 'phone operational , so for the time being no Trapster.

    • Sean

      When using iOS4 we recommend closing trapster from the background, when not driving.



  • Facebook Marketing

    The real time traffic has saved me quite a few times as it gives you alternate routes to avoid traffic delays.

  • John Colussa

    the sistem on my i phone is not workin as it did when i first started
    the warning comes on soon after  where the trap is set .
    the vehicle position in the phone is in the wrong place and ther is no voice .
    my telephone number i 0418745075

  • Trapster

    Thank you!!!

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