Trapster Hacked Please Change Your Password

Friday, January 21, 2011

If you received the email below from us recently, this was not a phishing attempt. This was an official email from Trapster sent from our emailing service.

We believe it’s best to be cautious. So, if you’ve registered your account with Trapster, it is best to play it safe and change your password. And if you use the same password for other services, such as email and facebook, you should change those too.

We want to just say that we are very sorry this hacking incident has happened, and want you to know we are here to help you with changing your password. We’re grateful for our huge and loyal community and we are embarrassed that this incident has affected your trust in us. We have already rewritten the software code to help prevent this type of attack from happening again, and continue to implement additional security measures to further protect your data.

Here are the FAQs again, just in case you need them.

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  • trapster

    We want to let everyone know that all notifications to those users who may have been impacted by the recent hacking incident gone out. Those of you who downloaded the application but did not register an e-mail with us were not affected. For those of you who did hear from us, we again apologize and we’re here to help if needed.

  • Ulrich Mehlis

    Maybe because of that one can’t login anymore. PC ok. Mobile not!!

    • trapster

      We were performing maintenance, you should be able to login now. Thx

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t I see other trapster users anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t I see other trapster users anymore?

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