Just Released: Trapster 3.0 for Android!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today we released Trapser 3.0 for Android! This update is our biggest yet, featuring a real time speedometer that also displays the speed limit of the road you are on, a refreshed U.I. and the brand new Trapster widget. Our Android app just made our iPhone app very jealous.


Speedometer + Speed Limit Display


Trapster now displays your actual speed with the speed limit of the road you are currently traveling on. If you go 1 to 4 MPH over the speed limit, the “Your Speed” box will change to yellow. If you are driving 5+ MPH over the speed limit the “Your Speed” box changes to red, visually alerting you to slow down!

*You have the option to remove the speedometer or speed limits display from the trapmap in settings.


Trapster Widget


Now you can have Trapster on your home screen! This gives you the ability to quickly view and vote on traps, and also launch the Trapster application directly from the widget.


Terrain Maps


In addition to standard map and satellite view, you now have the ability to use Terrain maps, this will display elevation levels in much more detail.


What Else is New?


3.0 has a cleaner overall look and screen layout, plus we updated the sound themes screen.

We have worked hard on this release, and want to thank all the users that gave us feedback through our support forum. Thanks to your feedback, Trapster continues to implement new features and improvements. We would also like to thank the Trapster Moderators that beta tested Trapster 3.0 for Android, as always we really appreciate all that you do!

To download the app, use the QR code above or visit the Android market.

We want to know what you think of Trapster 3.0, so please upgrade and post your thoughts on our facebook or tweet at us.

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  • Dale Wyckoff

    You just have to love the free market.

  • Pete

    I dislike the new maps – they seem to appear different to 2.x. In Katoomba, NSW, Australia and surrounding areas the maps are simply inaccurate and my position is always displayed incorrectly. Yet if I run Google Maps my position displays correctly.

  • Juliangedzierski

    Please please make trapster a proper sat nav app with onboard maps ETC. Iwould pay for this app .

  • PPacie

    Hello, my name is Pablo.

    First of all, I have to congratulate you because of the great app. We know that this is under development yet, so we have to be patience with errors and force closes.

    I wanted to let you know that I posted a review about Trapster widget on my site (androidwidget.info)

    Please fell free to make any comments or give me some feedback.

  • Leonid S. Knyshov

    Thanks for adding speed limit information to the app. This will help with the anxiety of “what is the speed limit on this road?”. I prefer to be in compliance but sometimes the limits are simply not posted clearly enough.

  • Peter

    Just one small question: what does the botton with the dot in the bottom right hand corner do?

    • Sean

      “Locate Me” AKA GPS lock button. thanks

  • Mbernardwalker

    Like it

  • GasHole775

    I noticed that the speed limit is not showing for most of my daily commute here in Fort Myers, FL.  Where does speed limit data come from.  Further, is there a way I can input this myself?

  • FwSFadc

    Any chance to get it for WP7 before hell freezes? 

  • Larry

    Like the speed limit and the speedometer feature but don’t want to have to look at screen.  Would be real nice to have a sound if exceed speed limit by “X” miles per hour, where X is configurable.

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