The Completely Redesigned Trapster 5.0 for iOS is Now Live!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Team Trapster has been very busy building an entirely redesigned iOS app for you, please visit iTunes to download it now! 5.0 is overflowing with new visuals, functionality and benefits. We can’t wait for you to get out on the road and test drive this completely redesigned app. But for you desk jockeys, who can’t get out on the road to test drive our new app, this post will show you some highlights before you launch trapster and drive later today. :-)

New Home Screen

As you can see, compared to version 4.5, Trapster 5.0 has a sleek new home screen. The first thing Trapster users will notice is the overwhelmingly awesome 3D vector maps. Compared to traditional 2D maps, this new dimension gives drivers extremely detailed visuals, to easily be alerted to upcoming speed traps and road hazards. The large white gauge displays your current speed, direction of travel, and even visually warns you if you are driving faster than the posted speed limit.


Auto Day & Night Map Mode

Day Mode

Night Mode

We have heard your requests to add a night mode to the app. The benefit of having a night mode is to not blind your eyes with a super bright screen, while driving at night. But we didn’t just stop there, we added an “Auto” mode, when selected Trapster’s map will automatically switch to night mode after 7PM.


New Trap Icons

We didn’t stop at redesigning the app, we also added brand new trap icons! Breathtaking huh? To access this menu, simply tap the red trap icon in the bottom right corner of the app, then slide the menu up with an upwards swipe.


New Near By Traps Screen

The Near by Traps Screen has been refreshed, notice the cool “Moderator Approved” badge behind the text location of each trap? There is also a new “Recent Traps” button, which will display traps and road hazards that have been reported around you recently.


New Trap Details Screen

Updated so you can easily see more details about specific traps. Now you also have the ability to vote, ignore, or even delete a trap from this screen.



Give Us Your Feedback

We want to know what you think of Trapster 5.0, please post your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ pages. Also don’t forget to follow us on YouTube & Pinterest.

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