Trapster Hits 18 Million Downloads

Friday, January 18, 2013

18 Million Users Worldwide -

Team Trapster would like to extend a huge thank you to our users. Today we hit 18 million downloads and counting. Red light cameras, speed traps, live police, traffic and more play a major part of our daily lives and we love keeping you updated on these road hazards. We hope to make your life a little easier and your pocket book more full. We thought we would share this momentous occasion by telling you 18 reasons we love Trapster…

1. I love Trapster because it is all about people helping people.- Danielle, Marketing

2. I love Trapster because you (our users) love Trapster. You make everyday an adventure and we’re super excited to hear your opinions, ideas, and even your grumbles. Your commitment to the app and to us (the Trapster team) is what keeps us moving forward. Thanks Users! -Stefanie, Community

3. It makes me feel like I’m part of a (growing) community.- Paul, Mobile

4. A) We are facilitating the depletion of alternative revenue streams that may not be in the best interest of the citizenry. B) It is representative of a belief in the inherent goodness of man. C) The community is strong and willing to help one another to accomplish reason A. Dave, Engineering

5. Trapster helps me fight a blatant tax on motorists everywhere!- Will, QA

6. I love Trapster because it makes driving safer for everyone!- Matt, Engineering

7. I <3 trapster because no matter where you are or what phone you have you can be included in our community.- Sam, Engineering

8. Speed Limits! Driving to Columbus, I didnt EVER know the speed in Indiana… – Bob

9. Trapster is my co-pilot on the ground- Colonel J. R. Douglas

10. Trapster helps me get to the hospital faster, so you could say it saves lives.- Dr. Sankait Om

11. Big thanks to our Mod community for helping us navigate the storm of traps and hazards. Without your tireless help and attention the roads would be paved with road kill- Oh and if your reading this and wondering what a Moderator is and how to become one, check out this blog post.- Stefanie, Web

12. It makes me a safer driver.- Jack, User Experience

13. Trapster’s accurate approach to traffic quantification gets me to the lab and back without error.- Prof. Spencer Q. Moreson

14.  Love it! This app has saved me several tickets especially in Oklahoma when they love out of staters!- Jackie, Facebook

15. I love our users for always sending us ideas, suggestions and love.- Danielle, Marketing

16. I love Trapster because it is on the forefront of the future of in car communication. Imagine Trapster being used in self driving cars! – Ben, Marketing

17. I love Trapster for its traffic. The traps help me know what lies ahead on the wide open road. Frank, Facebook

18. Just took a recent trip to Atlanta, because of trapster I was able to shorten my trip from Miami without fear of cops. Every single alert was spot on, and Georgia/Florida highway patrol were out in force. You guys are the best!- Alexis, Facebook

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