Behind The Scenes With Trapster’s Android Team

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Did you know that the Trapster team consists of 30 people and 10 of them work on the Android team? I have a behind the scenes look inside the development that makes Trapster run everyday.

I spoke to Sam Nazi the team leader for the Android-Trapster team and got all the Trapster inside scoop.

Me- What is the hardest or most challenging thing about being a developer?

Sam- “A balancing act between Android, Trapster and the Map SDK. All three have to work in unison and sometimes it requires a bit of give and take to make that happen.”

Me- What is your team currently working on?

Sam- “With pushing out a market release just 3 weeks ago we are accumulating crash reports and feedback from our users to fix.  We are also performing tests internally to identify further shortcomings and better improve performance.”

Me- What are your goals and hopes for Trapster?

Sam- “My goal for Trapster is to make an application that is free of bugs that everyone can enjoy.  My hope is that Trapster becomes the go-to driving application. “

Me- Where would you like to see Trapster in a year?

Sam- “I’d like to see Trapster translated in as many languages as possible an used across the world.”

Me- What are some cool new additions to Trapster that your team did recently?

Sam- “We recently pushed out a complete redesign of the entire application which includes a new look and feel as well as incorporating 3D maps.  On a more geeky side we improved performance on how fast traps cluster on the map when zooming out.  We were able to reduce the clustering time from 1.5 seconds down to 50 milliseconds.”

As we can all see, the Trapster team is constantly improving the application with the goal of being the best driving application in the world, and believe me when I tell you, after seeing this team vigorously at work I have no doubt that Trapster will continue its success.

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Up next: The Community Manager- Moderator Community!

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  • daniel gonzalez

    i received an inventation for tester but didnt have a chance to log on can you resend it to me

    • Trapster

      Sure will!

  • Matt

    Hello Trapster – Android Team.
    I am a fan of Trapster, I mostly used the Push notifications with my iPhone.
    Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, I don’t receive Push notifications.
    My operating system can now receive Push notifications (I am pretty sure).
    Are you guys looking at bringing Push notifications to Android?

    • Trapster

      Hi Matt-

      Could you email me some info so I can report this to our support team. I need to know what version of Trapster you are running and your user name. Feel free to email me at

  • Davide

    My first note 3 December 2013 I had no oroblem with Trapster. April 2014 Trapster would crash on start up now new Note 3 under warranty crashes 8 out 10 times it starts up. Samsung flashed the operating system although no other problems. Still crashing on start up. I have sent dozens of error reports. Iam using the latest update although it had the same problem with earlier versions

    • Trapster

      Hi Davide I will make sure to send this to our support team. thank you for letting us know.


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